How to Unleash the Power of TextEdit



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The writer talks about TextEdit "flying out of the starting blocks at the blink of an eye". This was quite true in the TextEdit of the Snow Leopard days, but the writer must have a very slow blink. The new TextEdit under Lion is several times slower than the old version. Click on that red close button and you can wait several seconds for Text Edit to respond, (on several different MACS). And Apple has added a very bizarre and confusing saving protocol which sends the user to the web to figure out what the "saving a version" actually does. And gone are the simple days when you could simply "save as" somewhere else on your computer. Apple has done similar damage to Preview where "saving as" now must be performed as an export if you want to change the format of the file. Is Apple going the microsoft route with its once beautifully simple installed applications? Can we expect Apple software to become the bloatware that Adobe and Microsoft have become famous for?



Would love to use Text Edit for my "Notes' which are 5.5x8.5 (1/2 of letter size). Much quicker than Pages.

but ... the least margin is 1" thus reducing writing width to 3.5. and height to 6.5. If a header, "A Note from" and a footer "address and phone" added, the remaining vertical space is only 5.5.

Prior to 10.7 I used 0.5 margins all around and it was really cool for typed or scribbled notes.

Your article doesn't mention margins although they theoretically can be set in File>Page set up>custom paper size. NOT!!! has no effect!

Talked with Applecare Advisor and he confirmed .. nothing less than 1"



I use TextEdit as a scratchpad for all kinds of notes. Save it dropbox, and the notes come with me whereever I go (which means no need to use the iOS notes program).

It's also good for simple coding -- css, javascript, html, etc. For the more complicated stuff I kick it up to Komodo Edit.



TextEdit is great!

I use it for the first draft, and in a lot of cases final draft too, of most of my writing, whether for my blog, or essays, or work related, or fiction. I use it to open documents with odd file types. I use it for shopping lists to preliminary web page layout. I've even used it to edit code that then gets cut and pasted into another app.

TextEdit and Preview are likely the used Apps on my Mac.

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