How to Update Your iOS Device Without Hooking It Up



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Set my IPhone 4 up to do this, but alas, an error occurs because I lack the space to download the upgrades.... it appears that a full IPhone is not capable to do an update in this fashion.



And all the music will stay on its place? So there will actually be no backup during update?



I have an ipad2 and iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.3.5. Should this method work? The software update option isn't showing up under settings. And if a more recent version of iOS than 4.3.5 is required, it would be great if you'd update this very short article.



You HAVE to have the new iOS, that is iOS 5. Im not sure if a 3gs will accept it, the iPad 2 definitely will. But in order to sync over wifi you have to update the phone to the new iOS after downloading it in iTunes

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