How to Upgrade From iPad to iPad 2



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Would like to duplicate iPad 1 on iPad 2 & then have each go off on it's own. Will iPad1 need to be renamed & rebuilt to survive the change?



The above article is great if you want the same thing on 2 iPads, but what if I've given my 1st generation iPad to my wife and I bought a new ipad2 and do NOT want the same things on both iPads, however I do want SOME of the things from the original iPad on my ipad2?



Planning to buy an iPad 2 so that I don't have to fight with the wife for access to the original. I'd like the new one to have the same content as the first, do I follow the instructions above or is it more complicated as we will have 2 iPads running off one iTunes account. Thanks.



Hi skatebambi, 

If you want the new iPad 2 to have the same content as the original iPad has, then you would follow the directions above identically. Apple doesn't limit the content from iTunes to iPads, iPhones, or iPod touches, so you can sync the same content to as many of those devices as you have.



Hello. If I have already wiped my old iPad 1 and backed it up, but without iOS 4.3, will my backup still go onto the iPad 2?

UPDATE: Went over to the Apple Store and asked one of my trusted friends over there and she said it won't matter. If anyone knows anything to the contrary, please let me know!



Actually, your friend is right. It does not matter unless your previous iPad was jailbroken. If it was jailbroken, none of the jailbreak installations with work (for a few days, after they get the kinks out, it will go public).

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