How to Upgrade Web Browers on an Older G5 Mac



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Yes TenFourFox is a good choice. However all plugins are disabled, though addons and extensions still work. They mainly track the ESR series, but you can also get the latest version (which they consider development) by reading their blog.



dude i recommend aurora fox or tenfourfox web browsers which are based on firefox and is optimized for powerpc processors



The last versions of Camino (2.1) and Firefox (3.6) for PowerPC Macs use a version of Gecko, Mozilla’s rendering engine, that is almost three years old now. A better choice is TenFourFox, which uses the current Firefox code base and tweaks it for PowerPC.

Another fine choice is OmniWeb, which uses a year-old (or so) version of WebKit, Apple’s own rendering engine. It is also rich in features and light on system resources.

Both browsers run on both Tiger and Leopard. (OmniWeb also works on all Intel Macs.)

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