How to Use Auto Save in Mountain Lion



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I agree with noibs. Also, having auto-save on a laptop that has a built in battery is basically an admission that your applications WILL crash at some point, rather than the power going out and causing data loss.
That said, what I would have given for this feature 15 years ago...



I'll grant that certain people really like autosave and versions. As for me, I can't stand either. I would give a lot for a preference that could turn off both of these "features" and return to "Save as..." in the File menu (without having to hold down the option key in Mt. Lion).

I had been splitting my time between Pages/Numbers and LibreOffice prior to Lion. Now, I hardly ever use Pages/Numbers because of these great "features" (not).

I'm a higher-ed faculty member who has been using Macs since 1984. I have thousands of word processing, spreadsheet and graphics files. I still do a lot of writing. I still hate versions and autosave.

And yes, I always have autosave turned off in all of my applications that have that feature. And no, I can't remember the last time I've lost any work.

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