How to Use Contacts in Numbers



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George Cutrell

I understand all that this post is saying however, how do you get custom fields into Numbers? I want to use my Address Book contacts for Christmas card mailing using the method outlined - that is move contacts into Numbers, export to Excel, import into Word for a mail merge for printing labels. The challenge I have is the salutation. For example, my contact in Address Book may be "John Smith" but I don't want the Christmas card to be addressed as "John Smith"; instead, I want it to be "The Smiths". Through Address Book, I can create a custom field that holds "The Smiths". I just can't figure out how to get it into Numbers. I figured out by referencing headers like "Home Street", "Home City", etc. in Numbers will get just the components I need for creating the mailing list, but I don't know how to reference this custom field in Numbers.

Anyone know how?



I haven't yet figured out how to export my address book into a spreadsheet application to let me manipulate the data.

Has anyone had any luck?

I'm sending out Christmas cards

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