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Great update, but am I missing something?

I use Pages and Numbers on my iPhone and iPad and updates/changes work great. Invaluable for entering new data on the fly. For example, the spreadsheet where I track miscellaneous expenses day-to-day as they occur, and once a month submit them for reimbursement.

The disconnect is with the desktop versions of Pages and Numbers on my iMac.

Sure, I can manually go to my iCloud storage through Safari, open my "doc-in progress," but to keep it in sync I have to close the document on my desktop then manually drag the updated version back to iCloud.

Isn't there someway to open cloud documents directly from Pages on my desktop and have that doc, with its changes, automatically go back to iCloud?

I just want to do from my desktop what happens on my iOS devices. Whenever and wherever I open "February Expenses" (on my Mac, on my iPhone, on my iPad), know that I am opening the latest version, and when I am finished and close the doc, the changes will be reflected the next time I open the file, whether that be on my Mac, my phone, well ... you get the picture. Manually fetching and saving docs when at my desktop to the cloud is an invitation for version conflict.

Just give me the option when working from iWorks apps on my desktop to "open from iCloud" and have changes go back to iCloud when I am done. Is that to much to ask, or is it there and I just can't find it?

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