How to Use Documents in iCloud



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alicia moreno thomas

My wife and I change our ipad2 screen password so much that we locked our selves out! We tried the smartpad trick but we had r General tool on so that won't wrk !! Does anybody know of a simple way for us 2 unlock it? By the time we get off wrk the apple store is closed...Thanx Alicia &Nadine



Okay, iCloud has it's uses. Now how about someone telling us how to turn off the automatic open dialog without turning off iCloud completely?

As well, why can't the user have a system preference that in a save dialog that if you want to save to disk it remains there and doesn't keep trying to make you save to iCloud?



I agree! Additionally, you should always have backup copies of any documents you work on in iCloud, just as you should for any other document. The statement "once you enable iCloud your worklife can become simpler" is not true. It actually becomes more complex because there is an additional element to worry about. You have to manually make backup copies of your documents to a folder where they should be saved. Usually, when people work they have folders created for every job/project that they work on. You cannot do this if you use iCloud and must manually copy your iCloud docs to those project folders.

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