How to Use FileVault to Protect Your Data



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The only good way to prevent his hacking is to not let him touch the computer. This is true of almost any computer. Keep it locked away, or better yet 1) don't have secrets or don't' have that boyfriend.

If he can't be trusted, ditch him. If the problem is that you can't be trusted... well, lets not go there.



To reset a password, just enter the os x cd.



The overal and more important question why is she with some guy that would "Snoop" through her private things that he has no right to do? And why would she allow herself to be with someone that would do this and someone she can not trust. If she could not trust him why is she with someone like this. Someone that does these types of things will find one way or another to "Snoop" thru her computer or other things. Avoid the problem all together and be with someone you trust not someone you don't.



I didn't know about FileVault, so I went to turn it on in my MacBook's System Preferences. I received an error message saying that my hard drive doesn't have enough free space; 97 gbs were required and I only have 13 free gbs.

Does FileVault need that much free space normally, or just when it's first enabled? In other words, could I do something along the lines of moving my music library (which takes up about 75% my hard drive space) temporarily to an external drive, turning on FileVault, and then moving my music library back to the internal drive? Or would I run into the same error message with FileVault as soon as I moved the music back?



I think the real question is How can she afford an iMac when her boyfriend is a Genius at an Apple Store?



Did you know women can get high paying jobs, manage their own money, purchase their very own stuff, but yet pick dirt-bag guys?

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