How To Use the Screen Sharing Features in Lion



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So I had been using Screen Sharing without problems for about 2 months.

Recently I've not been able to use it. I've tried to log into the remote system and the remote system is registering that it's connected and my iMac is also registering that I've connected, however the window to actually view the remote system is not visible.

I've searched all over to find it, but no luck. I've even attempted show all windows and hide all windows.

Any ideas?



... Screen Sharing application also supports Lion’s Full Screen mode...

Yes, it does. But how do you get back to window mode? After a brief moment of panic and desperate key sequences (the combination Command "A-R-G-H-!" did not work), I...

Uh... never mind. Found it. :-] (Mouse to the top of the screen and wait for Lion to show your local Mac's menu bar).



The easier way to share a screen is to locate the machine in your Finder sidebar and click on "share screen." Or use Screen Sharing Menulet. :)



This is a great article, but it presumes the user knows where to find and how to start Screen Sharing. I've done a Spotlight search and looked all through my Finder window and menu, and can't see any option or app for screen sharing anywhere. How do I get to it?
I want to connect to my work Mac that also shares my MobileMe account. But I don't see it listed in the Shared finder sidebar.
Any ideas?



I was in the same boat, but finally found an article that mentioned it. Its located in:
System -> Library -> Core Services
Not a very convenient location, especially because spotlight doesnt appear to search there. Oh well



From the Finder, choose Go->Connect to Server... (shortcut: Command-K). In the server name box, type:



A Mac on the local network named MyMac:


A remote Mac, connecting over the internet using a domain name:


Using a service like Dynamic DNS (, you can signup and give your Mac a hostname even when your IP address changes.

Last option, using the IP address of the Mac


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