How to Use Sony Memory Sticks with the iPad



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I have been looking for months for a solution to this. I was looking around for a portable method of connecting to the iPad so I can have a lighter device than my laptop to dump my images and continue shooting. I went to the Apple Store three times to ask different people, and I called Sony tech support, and nobody knew about this. The guy at Apple today asked if I wanted to return both the iPad and the Camera Connection Kit since he was sure there was no solution after the universal card reader he tried came up saying the device required too much power. I saw a possible solution using a card reader, but that would require access to an outlet, so wouldn't work if I'm shooting outdoors. As a last resort, I was looking for a memory-stick-only card reader, or a battery powered card reader in the hopes that the "requires too much power" message would not come up, and then I ran across this article. Joy, oh joy! It works!

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