How To Use Spaces in Mac OS X Lion 



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I've tried to change background pics in Lion and it seems as if I can only change the pic in only one desktop. When I try to change another desktop pic, the system shifts to the desktop that I figured first. This seems like a bug to me. I got an app (Hyperspaces) to help, but it doesn't work with Lion. Is there a way to do this. I've got one desktop with the background I want and fifteen with the stock Andromeda screen. Me no like.




When i use multiple desktops after a while they auto arrange.

So what was first desktop 4 is then desktop 2.
Is this because i use that desktop a lot?

Is it possible to set this option off?




Thanks, recently bought a Mac and didn't find a way to change spaces.



Aha! The ^# method for jumping to the desired desktop (#) still exists; it is simply buried in a less-than-obvious place: under System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Mission Control where you just have to check the boxes for "Switch to Desktop #". I never would have found that without the help of a friendly AppleCare tech. Now it behaves the way it used to under Snow Leopard and I am happy again.



Ctrl + 1, Ctrl + 2 etc. will switch to different display (desktop).



Any way to arrange it in 'rows and columns' like before ?
Navigating left and right only is not practical. . . . .



I insist upon quick and convenient switching between desktops ("Spaces") where specific applications always run; otherwise I might as well be running Windoze with everything piled up in a jumble on one desktop. Under Snow Leopard this was easily managed by setting an unique keystroke to each Space. Now I have to first click on Mission Control and then hunt for the right Space using the mouse. I have looked in Mission Control System Preferences for a way to assign a keystroke code for each Space, but nothing there seems to address this issue. Do I have to downgrade back to Snow Leopard to restore an ergonomic interface?



I'm finding that apps are not very cooperative at opening up in their assigned spaces, especially if that Desktop number is not open. I'll explain further: I am (was) a hardcore Spaces user, and liked certain apps to open in certain Spaces. Now, they just won't. For example, I like iTunes to open in Desktop 4. So I create 3 additional desktops (final one being number 4) and open iTunes, and use the trick you described where you right-click the iTunes dock icon, and set Options>This Desktop. However, if I quit out of iTunes and close Desktops 2, 3, and 4, I when I try to open iTunes again it just opens in Desktop 1… this is WRONG! Either Apple decided to screw over its serious Spaces users or this is a major oversight (and Spaces feels like an afterthought to Expose anyways). Any insight?



Hi, I was having the same problem and found this on an apple discussion thread:

Lion automatically orders Desktops and full screen apps by the most frequently, and recently used. This is why they are switching.

To stop this, go to System Preferences, then click Mission Control and untick 'Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use'.



Your issue is easily solved: the same way you would not close/erase different Spaces on Snow Leopard, don't close the various Desktops on Lion.

I was used to having 6 Spaces on SL and jump between apps using the four finger side swipe and it worked like a charm, jumping from app to app and Space to Space, depending on where there were being used (some apps were preset just like yours).
The four-finger side swipe was ditched now, and can only be accessed using CMD+Tab.



I have a 24" iMac connected to a 19" HP monitor. I use a lot of apps simultaneously, reviewing docs in Preview, accessing databases in Safari with multiple tabs, taking notes in Excel, and pulling other reports from a USB drive via Finder.

In other spaces, I have Mail on one monitor and Safari on the other; in another space, I have iTunes running, and my 4th space is for when I need something else, like the App Store or Angry Birds.

I'm curious to see how this will work in Lion. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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