How to use your iMac as an External Display



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Some statements in this article are misleading.

According to Apple, the thunderbolt equipped iMac will ONLY work with a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable, and ONLY with another thunderbolt computer. A computer that has mini dp instead of thunderbolt, or using a mini dp cable with 2 thunderbolt computers will NOT work.

For more info see:



Yep ! ctx83 is right ! I have a MacBook Air 2011 latest revision with Thunderbolt and an iMac 27 inches 2010 with MiniDisplay Port. According to a genius at the Apple Store Genius Bar, I would have been able to use the 27 inches 2010 iMac as a second display with my Mac Book Air 2011 with a Thunderbolt cable...

Well, after spending 56$, it does not work ! A complete waste of money ! I don't have any devices that uses Thunderbolt cable so the cable is useless !



Don't you need to press command-F2 to toggle Target Display mode on the iMac that is to be used as a monitor?
Also, I think any of the newest generation of Thunderbolt equipped iMacs can be used in Target Display mode if the source is also a Thunderbolt equipped Mac.

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