How to Use Your iPhone as an iPod Touch Without a SIM Card



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Greg Morgan

I am using a iPhone 2g as an iPod but it dies without even using it. Is there a setting to turn off or something? Please help.



Can't you still make 911 calls without an active SIM card?



Will all GPS apps work? I.e., Is the only thing that wouldn't be active the cell phone service?



Our 3gs phones were passed to our kids. Using our wi-fi connection at home, I installed many free apps for kids on them. I cancelled my texting service with AT&T and downloaded an app called Free Text with Voice. I use this app to send texts, photos, and videos without paying anything at all. It's saving me hundreds of dollars each year. This app can be downloaded on iPod touch and all iphones. Something you can put on your "passed down" phones.



I thought that an inactive SIM card cell phone still was able to call emergency services like 911?
Isn't that some sort of FCC rule or something?



We have three little girls that we recently adopted. When we first got them nearly two years ago as foster children, they had no idea what a TV commercial was. They had never been to a movie theater, bookstore or shopping mall. Riding a mall escalator was a big thrill.

Over time they have become tech savvy just like their new mom and dad. In 2010, the two oldest girls asked Santa to bring them an iPod Touch. We took two of our older iPhones and removed the SIM cards. The girls loved them and carried them around the house.

We even gave the youngest, a three year old, a non-working first generation iPhone to play with. This Christmas we gave her another one of our retired iPhones sans its SIM card. She has been having a great time listening to music and playing age appropriate games.

It's a great way to put old iPhones to use and has helped them to become more aware of their world. We also have a Mac Mini set up for them in my wife's office that they can use with permission and under strict parental oversight.



Does EVERYTHING but the cell work?
GPS, all the sensors, etc?

That would make it much more capable than an iPod Touch. I have an iPT and it's great but there are a few things that are in the iPhone that's like to have.



My brother uses my old 3GS as an iPod Touch. The GPS works, but fails to tell you where you are because it lacks internet access for the Maps app. Compass works fine either way.



Couldn't it use WiFi to get Internet access when it's in a hotspot?

Motion X GPS Drive could simulate a trip while in a hotspot, saving the maps, then it should work fine on the trip without Internet access. Right?



You can still restore with no SIM. You just have to jailbreak to activate it.



Put the phone in "Airplane Mode" to save battery life, prevents the device from constantly searching for a cell signal. My son used an iPhone 3 for a year like this before we got him a new iPod touch.



But that turns off WiFi, which I want!



You can turn wifi back on after enabling airplane mode. I do that with my "3GS turned ipod touch"...the battery life is incredible after that.

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