How to Wake Up Sleeping Lions



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Use the App "Caffeine" in App Store. I think it is .99 cents, and keeps you make awake the whole time you are using it. You can also add it to the menu bar (a little cup of coffee) and enable and disable it at your convenience. This way, no matter what, your Mac will constantly be on, never going to sleep while your using it.



I had the same trouble under Snow Leopard. Turning off Safe Sleep took care of it.

I'm adding this to the long list of reasons I'm in no hurry to upgrade to Lion



I try key presses, swipes on my MacBook trackpad, clicks on the trackpad, swipes and clicks on my Magic Keypad, hitting the screen - eventually it works. It's not as instantaneous as in Snow Leopard. Very anoying.


Carsten Legaard

Did you forget to finish this how-to? None of the above mentioned solutions works on the Lion of mine ...



I think they started to drink the eggnog early. This is a very annoying bug and the only solution I have found has been a hard restart. Even that is a clunky process.

Seems to happen ore often when I plug in a keyboard to my laptop.

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