How-To: Edit & Share Office Files on Your iPhone



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Love the idea, but how can this work with other file types? It would be great to use the sync feature to design websites on my iMac & MacBook - but I'm stuck saving and replacing. Sync would be so much easier.Can you pick a different folder for DropBox to sync?



I just read that Dropbox is going to add a feature called "selective sync" so you can choose to sync only certain folders to certain computers, rather than all computers getting the entire contents of the Dropbox. I'm pretty excited about this since it will let me, for example have just one folder sync'd to my work computer, or exclude some folders from my home theater Mac Mini. More info:

Also, Dropbox referrals can now earn you up to 10GB of total space (previously the cap was 5 GB). So if you don't have an account yet sign up using this link and you and I will both get 250 MB extra space!



I had delayed purchasing an iPhone office app until I could find a way to seamlessly sync everything, and this solution works perfectly. Many thanks.

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