How-To: Enable Emoji on Your Non-Japanese iPhone



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I just installed it, went into my general settings/international/keyboards/japanese etc. Enabled the Emoji option and sent some texts out with the Emojis included. Works great! My 3g iPhone is running 2.2.1 and it's all good. The only issue is to be careful not to use Emojis when sending messages to non-iPhone friends as mentioned above in the How-To. Thanks for the info, these are a lot of fun. o[^.^]o



I tried it on my iPhone 3G which was updated to the latest 2.2.1 prior to loading the App. I've continued to play with the App since loading it... but it has never given me the Emoji option. I've used the App under 3G and WiFi conditions. Perhaps 2.2.1 has something to do with it???



It DID work yesterday on my 3g & my wifes original iphone. Didn't work today on my vi ipod touch. Tried ipod AFTER upgrading to 2.2.1 both phones were 2.2.0 What system update were you using & what were your results?



I bought the Frostplace app and have been playing with it for over 30 minutes (which, considering everything is in Japanese, is very boring) - it still doesn't show the Emoji setting. I've rebooted and still no difference. So far it appears to be a scam to get the .99 cents.

Hopefully it starts working soon... I'll keep playing with it for a bit.

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