How-To: Fix Crashing Apps on Your iPhone and iPad



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I know that I should have started with this from the get go.. It fixed my problem right away! Thank You! Sometimes we need to be reminded of that all things aren't so complicated!



I have a 3G and updated to OS4. All apps worked perfectly for a month then started crashing. It was then I learned about closing apps in memory. This worked for about 3 days then they started crashing again. My company support folks did a restore and a reset which fixed the problem for about a day then the crashing started again. So, they gave me another 3G. I set it up and did not download any apps. I just synched my Exchange and Yahoo mail accounts and calendar. Safari and Email still crash. I downloaded the latest iTunes and Safari and Email only stay open for about 10 minutes then crash.

Since I am experiencing the same problem on with two different phones on the same PC could I be passing a virus down to the iPhone?




I figured out how to fix my iPad apps on this website:

Turns out airplane mode can cause some issues.


I admit I'm a convert from Windows to Apple, and a big fan of the iPhone. But. seriously, this article reflects an uncomfortable reality. Memory leaks are a real issue on the iPhone. I'm running OS 3.1.3 and the problem has gradually increased with each release. I use my iPhone 3G a lot every day. I probably do Web browsing 3 to 4 hours a day, plus am an avid Audible subscriber, listening to 3 to 4 hours of audiobooks and podcasts daily. I usually have to charge both my internal iPhone battery and my InCase Slider external battery daily. And, I find I have to hard boot the iPhone at least once a day - often two or three times - most likely due to memory leaks. Almsot all my apps are major players, and certainly the ones that I use most of the day are - like the iPod audio player, Safari browser, New York Times and Huffington Post. Also, I live in a county in Pennsylvania where there is no 3G service (often not even acceptable Edge). All the surrounding counties are 3G. When I go from my county to one of the others and back, I HAVE to reboot the iPhone, as it seems ATT can't seamlessly hand off the service.   I have three months left on my ATT contrasct and can hardly wait until I can switch to Verizon. 



I had an 8GB iPhone 3G for the better part of a year before upgrading to the 3GS. During that time I downloaded the System Activity monitor app to off-set the crashing app issue. My16GB 3GS, on the other hand, has had minimal issues with apps crashing. I used to think this was due to the lack of space.

After reading some complaints (which generally rings louder than a compliment) addition to Apple stating they would not be enabling the backgroundng feature in iPhone OS 4 for 3G due to the lack of sufficient memory, I now Have a better understanding about some of the causes. .

This is not to discount the fact that Apple is really good about addressing these issues by releasing software updates and new models.



To download another app such as System Activity Monitor, or FREE Memory -- each of these applications will allow you to "free up memory" by killing all running applications except for background apps such as Mail, Phone, and iPod.  Nevertheless, some apps do provide a "Kill All Apps" feature which will include background apps such as Safari, Mail, and iPod.  This last option is suggested as [use at your own risk]. Personally, I have used the Kill All Apps on occasion, but don't find it necessary as the basic function is more than sufficient. Furthermore, the above mentioned are iPhone apps, however, they will work on the iPad as well.


Mike James

Just to verify...When I first received my iPad, I had several apps crash the very first time they ran, but the restart cured the problem in every case.Current 3D work:

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