How-To Fix Ringtones Not Syncing with iOS 4.0



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I struggled with this problem too. Found out that the ringtone file (*.m4r) has to be coded with 128kbps or less AAC. This fixed it right away. Of course, i'm still probably going to have to do this for each of my ringtones, but better than nothing.
Set your 'Import Settings' to 'High Quality (128kbps)'
pick your song, convert to AAC, it will create duplicate, delete copy, but 'keep file', change extension on file to .m4r, reimport, done



I have the same problem with purchased ringtones. They show up in iTunes and look like they are being synced; however, they are not showing up when selecting ringtones on the iPhone. I'm using an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.



I loved iToner - but it's no longer necessary:

1. Open your Ringtones folder by right-clicking on one of the files, then selecting "Show in Finder".
2. Pull the ones you want to use onto the desktop. Close iTunes.
3. Open Garageband. Make a new "Loops" project, saving it to the Desktop with the same name as one of the ringtones.
4. Add a new "Real Instrument" track. Drag the ringtone file icon to the start of that track.
5. Click the "Loop" button on the lower center of the window (it's to the right of the Play arrow icon). Then adjust the duration of the loop to match the ringtone.
6. Click the Share menu and select "Send Ringtone to iTunes".

You can now trash the Garageband project. Repeat for every custom ringtone. Next time you sync, you'll have them forever and ever. :)

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