How-To Make a Blank Space on Your iPhone's Home Screen



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Thks! was looking for this info from a very long time



If you have a wallpaper it doesnt work the best, and if you accidentally tap it safari opens... I'm a registered developer so what I did is create an app with a 100% transparent icon so it doesnt matter what background and the I coded it so that it closes itself immediately upon launch just in case. I'm going to try and build it to a .ipa file and upload it so that everyone can use it if I can.



Some may find it easier to simply use an existing icon alone on the home screen to accomplish this. I use the settings icon for this which kills two birds with one stone for me. Since Apple hasn't seen fit to place the WiFi and bluetooth settings together or in a user friendly switchable icon to alleviate digging into settings to get to them I keep the settings icon on the home screen for easier access.

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