iPhone 4 Update to iOS 4.2.1 Gone Sour? How to Fix iTunes Error 1013



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I've just had a replacement ipod touch 4g delivered from apple. The first one gave me the 1611 error straight out of the box and now the second one does the same.

As it's a new ipod I don't have 'gs.apple.com' in my hostfile so this fix won't work.

Apple tech support can offer me no solution so I'm returning it. I'm pretty annoyed!



I managed to update to IOS 4.2.1 without incident, But just discovered that some of my old music videos bought on iTunes store won't play the video. The music plays, but no picture.



Had this problem happen once (was before the 4.2 update, happened during normal sync), I did a restore and it worked fine. But I should have tried another cable as many suggested, but found it out after the fact that cable change has worked for others. I still use the same cable everyday (that apparently could have caused the problem) and it works fine. That was on Windows Vista PC, so now I have migrated everything to my Macbook Pro!



are you serious their is already problems going on with the new update



I thought Mac just works!!! lol



This has happen to me before. so this time I went to my Win.7 laptop hooked up and updated both my ipad and iphone 4 with out a problem...

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