iPhone and iPad Tips of the Week - August 19, 2010



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Imagine Engine

Apple needs to update the iOS to allow FaceTime over cellular 3G networks. Consumers shouldn't feel they need to jailbreak their iPhone 4 to allow them to FaceTime over 3G. Here in Vancouver, Canada using Speedtest.net app I get between 4 to 6.5 Mbps on Rogers HSPA+ (3.5G) 21 Mbps network. Maximum iPhone 4 can support is 7.2 Mbps. Rogers HSPA+ network is capable to handle FaceTime though Apple still insists on only allowing it over WIFI even though it's not everywhere a user may take their iPhone 4. The majority of global cellular carrier permitted to sell the iPhone 4 on their network have adequate 3G coverage, speed and bandwidth to support FaceTime calls over cellular towers. Apple needs to "think different".


David W. Martin

You can download the background seen above here



Where did you get you wallpaper for your iphone? the curcuit board, if you can could you email it to me? thank you! MikeyCJ@gmail.com

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