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This article gave so little real information about finding out about your Mac. It had a whole 189 words and 3 screenshots. Everything?
Maybe a title of "How much memory and Hard Drive Space does My Mac Have?"

What does the size of the hard drive have to do with "upgrade". What Mac's do you recommend to the average user that they could replace the hard drive?
If you are getting rid of your old Mac, it doesn't matter, right?
Or maybe I missed the point of the article?



This is EVERYTHING i need to know about my mac.... how to click the apple look at how much ram is installed and see how much HD space I have used.

WoW. If these articles get any lazier...
Why don't you guys make this easy on yourselves and call this site MacLinks and do nothing but post links to other web sites that actually write about macs.

what useless information. Anyone that goes deep enough to get into system report and has the slightest idea what any of it means, already KNOWS how to get there.
and those that don't, just need to click the apple > About this Mac and Overview, display, storage, and memory is as far as they need to go. No need to dive deeper into system report.




While we appreciate the feedback from our hardcore audience, there's a underserved portion of our audience that appreciates these kind of articles. Yes, looking up the specifications of your Mac is an incredibly simple endeavor, but only to the experienced. I didn't even know how to do it when I first switched back from Windows to Mac, and I'm comfortable with simple Command lines and troubleshooting through the BIOS on various motherboards.

If you've got any ideas of articles you'd like to see on the site, please don't hesitate to send me an email. I love feedback from our readers and I want to give you guys the kind of articles you're looking for!

-- Florence


Jason Bartlett

Ha! I was surprised at the abrupt end to this article, too.

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