Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard Troubleshooting Roundup



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Just wanted to point out that Snow Leopard does not support Aperture 1.x.
I ended up with all my photos unavailable ... with the only option to purchase the upgrade.
My problem with this is the lack of warning...
The information on Apple's site talked about: if it runs on Leopard it should run on Snow.
only their own app is an exception.
Busman Jones



I saved 9GIG of space on my hard drive! Few enhancements are nice BUT ...
I had to reinstall my printer driver (Cannon)
Norton Anti-virus does not work
Cannot sync my iPod but it works
Now have duplicates of all contacts on my iPhone
System Preferences keeps crashing
And I cannot get indicators (time, battery and wireless strength to appear in my administrator account but they do appear in my guest account.



iCal dock icon on my dock is stuck on July 17th rather than the present date unless the app is open. (I am aware that July 17 is the default icon)...



I had one odd thing happen during my update from Leopard to Snow Leopard. When my MacBook Pro restarted the backlighting was off. I tried to turn it back up (this was while the installer was still running) to no avail. However, when it was finished and the computer restarted for the last time I was able to turn it back up. I was worried for a few minutes.

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