Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard Troubleshooting Roundup Two



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Beatrice Serrano




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HP might have issued new drivers, but I still cannot get my 7 year old DeskJet 990CM printer to print double sided anymore OR print borderless pictures! Some "engineer" at HP told me I should just get a new printer because I could not expect HP to continue to support something as old as 7 years even though I NEVER had a problem with this printer and use it mainly for its duplex printing. I do have 3 other printers, but none that do double sided printing. Of course, they blame Apple. I don't know who is at fault, but this was the WORST upgrade I have ever done! EVERYTHING worked FINE before Snow Leopard. I have never encountered ANY problems with OS system updates going way back until now!As for speed- maybe I don't know what is supposed to be faster, but I can't say that I see any SPEED difference either in the web browsers, Safari and Firefox, or in startup. I have plenty of room on my hard drive and the max for memory, so that shouldn't be the problem. My other screen name is TOTALLY CONFUSED because most times I just do NOT understand why things happen!



The majority of issues folks are having with Snow Leopard appears to be with the MobileMe Sync, Keychain, and Mail app. Kind of sad these were note tested, as they are fundamentals that Apple has either had in their possession for sometime or is something they have been promoting religiously for awhile now (MobileMe).

Thanks to the Apple Discussion Forums I and many others managed to troubleshoot and resolve these issues... but not everyone has been so lucky. i.e. Those with iPhones!



Has anyone been able to create an AdHOC network using snow leopard. The idea being that with a wired mac my iphone can use the AD hoc network.

Googling things has bought up a number of users that have the same problem so might be worth investigating


Im not Herbert

Wait, what? Troubleshooting? I thought Mac stuff was supposed to, you know, just work?



MacLife....Lets see something about the Apple TV "Kill Off"...Please

maybe you can even find the "cure"

Take a look at the Apple Forums.....Please

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