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If I recall, Windows didnt come with the idea. The orignal Mac did. Back in the days, when I had my MAC "toaster" double clicking on the name menu bar was also maximising the window as Windows does now. I think Apple tried to get away from it and try something new. I miss my zoom all and got right zoom as everybody else.



RightZoom is a simple good solution for those that want a consistent logical result when a little green button is pressed. The existing green button logic on the MAC is apparently intended to be more sophisticated than the crude "maximize" button in Windows by allowing each app to determine the best response to the button press. But the result of this sophistication is a confusing and inconsistent result which can be resolved by this app.



I sure could have guessed you were a young switcher.
Actually, this is why most of mac users hate bloody pc, not only because of that but... Maximising every window (now, I know where that dumb name comes from) is a pain the eyes. Mac interface lets you reach and switch applications as you touch one of the window you can see on your screen. Which is very faster compared to dumb *** PC. On a PC you spend your life finding files with clicking the taskbar.
And please don't one of those that has switched and preach PC old systems... This is worth being workless than working on a scary PC.

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