Mavericks How-To: Organizing Files and Folders with Tags



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how do you enter multiple tags when saving a new file. I forgot the name of the special character or symbol that is used to separate items when you type a list. but anyway, is there a way to do that; saving a file and type a list of new tags with a separator(that I forgot the name of)?



I am already using Maverick tag feature with great pleasure. It helps me find the folders which were forgotten earlier. Again, if you update on any of the folder file, it gets automated updated on either sides i.e. on the tag folder and original location. Also to mention that dual OS X will also highlight the tagged file and folder like it does in my Mountain Lion installed on same machine. Cheers



Unfortunately, Apple discontinued a very useful UI appearance - the colorizing of the files with the tag color in the Finder list view.

It was a great help to locate the desired tagged items instantly. And that's how files were labeled from the times of System 7.

Now the tiny tag dot is located far away from the item name itself, which results in extra work finding the tagged item.

To me, the tags in Mavericks equal to a downgrade and disappointment.



When you say "...long awaited..." - by whom, exactly?

While I 'get' the idea of tagging and have seen it in iPhoto for awhile. I'm afraid the idea of going thru my computer tagging all my various files / folders in colours or user-defined names seems an enormous wank and a waste of time.

I mean, isn't the whole point behind the decades old folder system I have created (ie: Documents > Personal, Income, Templates, Work, etc and Pictures > 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010 - Trip to Havana, etc) doing essentially the same thing?

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