Move your iPhoto 09 Library to an External Drive



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David Vigliotti

When I went to move the iphoto to the external hard drive, I was asked if I wanted to "replace" iphoto. We have a previous library already stored on the hard drive. I know I do not want to replace it. Can you advise how to move the "new" iphoto library to the external hard drive w/out replacing the one previously moved? Thanks.



After storing the iPhoto 09 Library onto an External Hard Drive can you still extract photos to an iPad?



I don't want to move the last 2 years, but everything prior to that I would like to move to my external drive. I'm only connected to the external drive about once a week for backups. Is there a way to do only some of my library?
How do I "marry" the external drive photos then to iPhoto when I open it on my MacBook and am connected to the external drive?



I followed your directions to a T and while I can open iPhoto via ext drive, the pics do not show - they are there but I can only see them when I select "edit" however, I cannot edit, open, copy, nothing...what did I do? How can I recover?



Try iPhoto Library Manager,      It merges libraries, also makes it easier to have separate libraries.



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I'm using Mac OS X Tiger with iLife/iPhoto 08. I read the comment about getting the Move your iPhoto for older versions but so far haven't found it. Did I miss something? I tried the procedure here for iPhoto 09 but it did not work. I have a 320 GB drive in my Mac Mini and a 500 GB drive in a V stack box for backup. Somehow my iPhoto files were missing when I opened the program in the mini but they are still intact on the external drive. What could cause the photos to disappear?



I like this idea and it seems easy, is there a way to consolidate 2 iphoto libraries?



Yes!!! I am still on am imac G5 running Tiger & iLife '06 and have over 15,000 photos, 2 external drives (250 GB-full/ 750GB with 500GB free. I need to access old photos, but don't need them to be on my original hard drive (160GB).



Ok, some of us can't upgrade as often as we'd like. Does it work the same way for older iPhoto versions or are there separate tricks? My nine-year-old iMac with the 13 GB hard drive could use some room and I have a 500 GB external drive just begging for my iPhoto library.


Roberto Baldwin


I'll try to get a how-to posted for older versions of iPhoto this week. 



I noticed you made this comment...

"We also want to remind you that you should backup your iPhoto Library on a regular basis since it'll no longer be part of your Time Machine backup."

But I noticed that Time Machine does backup my external drives that I use with my Macbook Pro. I think Time Machine has preferences to actually include your external drives along with your computer, but you obviously would need a big enough Time Machine hard drive, plus you might need to check your settings.


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