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Jacob Holt Shumway

Yeah, it can be tricky to get Publisher to play nicely.

I prefer Lucidpress, a cloud-based Publisher for Mac alternative that works on any operating system. It's much easier to share and collaborate with Lucidpress, plus it has AMAZING templates.



use LibreOffice


Lora Baines

tedbragg that is a hilarious story! MS Publisher is indeed a steaming pile of software excrement. Our shop cringes whenever a client uploads a file that was created in that sorry excuse of a design program. Microsoft clearly has no business in the print industry.



Hoo boy. Do I REMEMBER MS Publisher...

Working in the print industry, the number one target for typesetters' and designers' venom was MS Publisher. This app was simply horrible, unless of course you're the unsuspecting secretary who prints stuff at their desk. Gotta send it to a printshop? Forget it. Export to PDF? It MIGHT work, but don't bet on it.

When MS was giving this piece of #$*% away for free to anybody, they tried to foist it on printshops, too. We actually TRIED to work with it. Unless your system was a 100% match to the client's, Pub files would open up wildly deformed. Heaven forbid you didn't have the same fonts.

We ate more film and plates fussing with Pub.

We took all 5 boxes MS sent to us, melted the discs and keepcases and sent the smoldering pile in a box (complete with scorch marks) back to Redmond. Inside was a letter with the most nasty, deranged and ugly words we could fathom and put into the most offensive sentences known to man.

Pointless, but fun. That was also the day we ceremoniously dropped our remaining Windows PC out the 3rd story window and into the parking lot.

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