OS X Lion How tos and Tips Roundup: Everything You Need in One Place

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OS X Lion How tos and Tips Roundup: Everything You Need in One Place

16 OS X Lion Features and Tips to Help You Get Started

The wait is over, you can finally get your digital fingers all up in Lion's mane. Apple released the latest iteration of OS X in the Mac App Store and the hefty download is ready for anyone with $29.99 burning a hole in their pocket.

While waiting for Lion, you've no doubt checked out Apple's Lion Features page. It boasts more than 250 new features, some of them more featurey than others. Full Screen Apps is one feature, counting it as a separate feature for each app, that sort of seems like cheating.

To help you get the most out Lion, we compiled a list of features and tips to help you conquer your new feline friend.


How to Enable Disc Sharing in Lion

With the new MacBook Air and Mac mini, Apple has decided to completely remove optical media from the actual device. Sure, you can purchase a $79 SuperDrive add-on, but who wants to spend more money? If you already have another Mac lying around with an optical drive, we’ll show you how to use CD/DVD Sharing in OS X to share your optical media over the network with your disc-less Mac.


How To Tame Six of OS X Lion’s Early Problems

Apple finally uncaged OS X Lion in the Mac App Store on Wednesday, and as is typical with most new operating system releases, early adopters are already scratching their heads trying to work around some oddities introduced by the big cat. Here are a few suggestions for taming the new king of your Mac jungle.


How To Use the Screen Sharing Features in Lion

The Screen Sharing application has been around in OS X since the days of Leopard (oh so long ago!), but Apple has added some nifty features to the application and underlying support in Lion. From a new tool bar, to a new per-user screen sharing feature, Lion has you covered when doing screen sharing on your local network between two or more Macs.


How To Use Versioning Control in Mac OS X Lion

With Lion, Apple has included a way for developers to implement versioning control in their apps. So when you're saving files like documents you'll have access to both the past versions and current version. With a Time Machine-like interface, you’re able to view all of the changes in your documents and restore past versions if you accidentally delete something in the current version.



How To Use Search Tokens in Lion Mail

Apple has completely revamped the Mail application in Lion. Not only are they going for an iPad-influenced user interface, but they've also enabled a searching system that makes finding messages easier through the use of tokens. With tokens, you can search by date, name, message contents, or any combination of these.


How To Navigate, Organize and Delete Apps with Launchpad

Launchpad allows you to organize, manage, and launch Mac applications just like you would on an iPad. The feature show and store applications as immediately as they're downloaded from the Mac App Store, and they can even delete applications downloaded from the App Store.



Does Your Favorite App Work on Lion?

Want to know if Adobe Photoshop CS5 will work on Lion? What about AOL Radio?

The good people at RoaringApps have put together a wiki detailing which apps have been tested so far on Lion, and if they work properly or not. There are currently seventeen pages of apps on their App Compatibility Table, all listed in alphabetical order, with details about each app.

How to Burn a Lion Install DVD and Create Bootable Thumb Drive

Lion is Apple’s first disc-less distribution of Mac OS X, and as such, is leaving many users with slow or no internet connections without any fun today. We’re going to show you how to easily burn your Lion installer to a disc in order to install the OS on a computer without a network connection, or even as a way to make an emergency backup copy of your $30 investment.

7 Annoying Settings You Can Change in Lion

 Lion has a ton of wonderful features, but there are a few new ones that might make long-time Mac users a little crazy. Fortunately, if you're a creature of habit, Apple has enabled the ability to simply toggle them off in the System Preferences -- so yes, you don't have to live with Lion's new way of scrolling. Read on to find out which settings you can change in Lion and get back to your normal life.


How To Use Gestures in Safari 5.1 for Lion

Mac OS X Lion ships with a brand new version of the Safari web browser. Version 5.1 of Safari gives many new features, including the much anticipated Reading List. But, Apple has also included some new gestures for Safari that gives the web browser more of an iPad feel.



How To Use Spaces in Mac OS X Lion

Spaces first appeared in OS X Leopard, but in Lion, the feature has been rebranded, along with Expose, into the new Mission Control feature. Mission Control is your one-stop place for viewing all of the opened application windows on your Mac, full screen apps and. Dashboard widgets. It also lets you create multiple desktops, which enables you to organize your windows by the types of applications or by the work you’ll do in each Space. Read on to find out how to best utilize Spaces.



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I bought a MMS SLS, in November, a 27" iMac, SL, in July.
I downloaded my free upgrade Lion.
I have installed Lion six times on the iMac, one a reformat hard drive install, and twice on the MM.
Neither machine work for longer than two days without crashing or screwing up.
Three calls to Tech Support haven't improved the situation at all. I am now at elevated status with two capture files sent to "our engineers"

I am writing this on my iMac in Safe Mode, the only way it will start today.

If one wishes to upgrade to Lion server one can buy the Server App, for $80, at the App store, the App Store checks if Lion is installed on the downloading machine. Alternatively one can install Lion on the SLS, it does install, albeit, in my case not very reliably and then buy Server for $50.
With all the problems my machines are encountering with vanilla Lion I am not inclined to give Apple another $50 'till they can get regular Lion working properly.

My one bright spot is that 'ol faithful, my 15" PB-G4, NEVER lets me down!



until mail crashes and safari crashes get fixed Lion, for me, is a bust. Is Apple paying attention to any of this?



First of all very good work and thank you for that! I'd like to ask you though what if someone has already installed Lion and wants to burn a Lion Install DVD. Could you please help on that?

Thanks again




There's a very good step-by-step free video on Screencasts Online on how to burn the Lion install file to a bootable USB drive or DVD here. This site's spam filter won't allow me to post the link here but you can find it yourself by going to the Screencasts Online site or searching on 'SCO0305a'.

You'll also notice a link on this page to instructions for downloading the install file again from the App Store, since many of us ran the installation without realizing we wouldn't be able to locate the install file afterwards.



If you open the App Store and hold down the option key while clicking the Purchased button, you can re-download Lion. Then follow the instructions to burn a disc.

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