Setting up Parental Controls on the iPhone and iPod touch



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If you don’t want to totally disable the iTunes Store or App Store while still limiting what they can access, the Restrictions list also has an Allowed Content section. Here you can limit downloaded movies and TV shows by their age rating, exclude music and podcasts rated “explicit,” limit app downloads based on age ratings, and even ban in-app purchasing.Your Net Biz



As a mother of two young boys myself, I realize the need to limit what they watch on their Ipod Touch. I've used the parental controls in their Ipod's to make sure that they aren't looking at anything indecent.

Kathy Williams
CEO of Top Grade Acai Extreme



I happen to own an ipod touch and all these things are taken off. It's mainly because of my behavior. So I think parents should take off the features for a while until their children understand what they've done.
Top Grade Acai

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