Rock Out in GarageBand with the Rock Band Drum Controller



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Travis J. Lee

Any idea if adding/purchasing the 'rock band cymbal' pack will add additional midi triggers?



Ok, so i've done this like 15 times. I've installed everything and restarted over and over and the 360 Controller preference still won't recognize the RockBand drums... or the guitar for that matter. I'm using OS 10.5.8 and the pref says "No Devices Found" under "Device." Please, for the love of god help me. This is SO frustrating... Thanks!



Cool Cool Cool. Now I don't have to buy the other game, just the game's controller, haha. Any word on if/when they'll be adding in ear headphones adapters? My hubby hates it when I'm rocking out too late. I get to sleep in and he doesn't so it would be nice to have the option. Cheers!



tried changing the plist information and adding the id for the mad catz kit, but nada

Tried xbox hid driver and still nothing.

ANYONE got it working?

if so, can you upload the library/extensions/xbox controller p.list file?





I've been having the exact same problem as Cons19. I've tried this in both Snow Leopard as well as Leopard. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. When I open up system profiler and look under USB it shows that the set is connected but in system preferences and xbox360Controller nothing is showing up.



I’m having some frustrating issues. I get the things set up in garageband etc. like the instructions say, but when I plug in the xbox controller into the usb it flashes on then off and it doesn’t get detected by the Controller Driver!! Any solutions/tips/ideas? HELP!



Hi. I saw your post that your drums were not detected. Neither were mine. Did you find a way to resolve this. Your help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi. I had the same problem but found this patch that will probably work for you guys as well:

I tried it using Junxion and Garageband and it works perfect now without any noticeable latency ...Though the green light still wont stay on as promised in the tutorial - but i think i can live with that

Hope it helps you too.



Awesome tips, thanks! It's seems like a good reason for me to get the GarageBand application from Apple. Rock on!
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hi there, I would like to know how to play both the guitar and drums from the rockband kit since I have two boys plus myself :)



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Hey everyone, people on other sites have already figured this out but I've tried it and it works. If you do it the cheap way as described above, and download a program called midikeys you can get rid of the horrible latency issues with musical typing. It also lets you play notes simultaneously. It works very well to be honest. If you want to record into garageband all you have to do is hit record in GB and then switch to midikeys. It will play the drum kit that you loaded from GB but without the latency. You will have to re-map the keys to midikeys controls but it's just an issue of hitting the keys on the keybouard until you figure out which key is set to which sound you want. Enjoy!



While I don't have a RockBand drum set myself (Its on the Christmas list, trust me!) I can definitely see the benefit of having one of your favorite games also be an input device for GarageBand. While I'm no recording artist, I have a ton of friends who will be egging to come over and try to create their mix at my house in GarageBand.

Good job Mac|Life, keep up the good work. :)


Joe Rybicki

The wireless kit adds an extra hurdle, but it's not insurmountable: If you're using the PS3 or Wii version, you should be able to get a Bluetooth-enabled Mac to recognize the device through normal BT channels. For the 360 version, you need the Wireless 360 Receiver, which the 360 Controller Driver will recognize as soon as you pair it with the drum set (tap the button on the receiver, then hold down the sync button on the drum set). I haven't tried the optional cymbal attachments yet, but I suspect they'd work just fine with either method. The real trick is getting the velocity data recognized...haven't been able to figure that one out yet.


This has been working for a while with the RB1 kit, anyone know of a way to get it to work with the RB2 kit?
Symbols would be sweet!

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