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You should try "BlackBox" from Miksoft. Is too simple. Just drag n drop your audio and will convert it to ringtone. Also you can convert any audio to mp3 and any video to mp4(iPhone compatible). Blackbox place your converted media to iTunes ready for sync!!!
The best about this app is that is freeware.
You can download it here:
You can see how it's work here:





Nice sharing,I used to make ringtones using Garageband, but it's kinda complicated for me, and sometimes I had the problem syncing ringtones. Later I found another tool-iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac, which it's quite easy-to-use and powerful, it can convert almost any audio/video to ringtones

Here is a tutorial of How to make custom iPhone ringtone on mac



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I've made several ringtones for my iPhone from my favorite songs. I used this iPhone ringtone maker.
It can help make ringtones from all mainstream video/audio formats.

Here is the guide on how to make iPhone ringtones.

Hope this can help you, too.


Gerald Clare

How about ringtones for other phones? If iPhone wasn't married to AT&T I'd have one, meanwhile how do I make a ringtone for a Blackberry Storm (iPhone wannabe)?



This article is very helpful! I know a perfect iphone ringtone maker, it can help you set your favorite music. It allows you to clip any music and video segment you like as iPhone ringtone. Cool interface, easy in operation and rich in supported formats, it enables you to create iPhone ringtone easily and fast. Quickly have a trial and show your newest ringtone to your friends. For more information, go to



Hit the video after the ‘leap’ for the demonstration or read my break down below on how to make a custom iPhone ringtone, totally free, using JUST iTunes 8.

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