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No need to give up Firefox. Just download xmarks. It's a plugin (there's a FF & a Safari version) that syncs bookmarks across the browsers.

You may need to occasionally open Safari (or keep it open in the background) so that it can read and sync the changes that happen in FF.

I love this plugin and it allows me to see the same bookmarks from both browsers AND the iPhone.



Another powerful extension for users coming from FireFox is Glims:

Out of the box it adds a ton of features, however, you can scale it down to some of the default FireFox features, such as multiple search providers.

Hope that helps answer the question a little more.

While erikonaMac may have been a little harsh, I defiantly agree that I've been disappointed more and more in the quality of some of the articles.



Check out Inquisitor for Safari, it should add some nice functionality that you're used to...

And check out for a whole bunch of plug-ins for Safari.

Note to the author:
Are you serious, that's it for the article? I'm sorry, but did you do any research on adding functionality to the Safari search box? It seems not. I really used to like MacLife, but I find myself coming back less and less now because of poorly researched articles like this.



 I see what you mean.... i followed both of your links and downloaded a software from each to help me out... also is there another site you would recommend to get your daily mac-fix.. or one that has just simple how-to's or software recommendations? 



I would pay money to get the tabs back on top. Anyone figure out how to put them back on top?

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