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OK, I admit I'm a noob to GarageBand. But step 2 of this article says, "Open the Loop Browser by clicking the eye in the bottom-left, then select the Podcast Sounds tab at the bottom."

Well in MY copy of GarageBand '09 (v5.1), the Loop Browser eye is in the bottom right, but worse than that is that there is no Podcast Sounds tab to be found. Anywhere.

Instead, I see (that is to say, I eventually found) three tiny icons at the top right ("3 columns", "2 musical notes", and "microphone") which, when hovered over, indicate their uses as "column view", "musical button view", and "podcast sounds view".

OK, I clicked the mic. Now I can proceed. But are there drastically different GUIs in different releases of GarageBand '09?

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