Set Up Find My iPhone on Multiple iPhones With One MobileMe Account



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So I've got 3 iPhones and three mobile me accounts. Is there a way as the admin account to get the other two phones on my account without having to log out of mine and back into theirs?

Seperate question, can I check location from Safari on my iPhone or do I have to log onto mobile me from my desktop?



I have been doing this since find my iPhone launched. I set it up for my new iPhone and my wife's iPhone and it was already set up on my old phone. It shows all three on the same page labeling each with the title assigned to that phone. Each phone will have it's own map.



I'm defiantly curious how you distinguish between the phones too.



That was a great tutorial on setting up Find my iPhone. However, you left out the most important part. How is the web interface different when you have multiple phones set up on a single account? Your image shows one phone. How do you choose which phone it will find? Also, how does Display a Message and Remote Wipe work when you have multiple phones set up?

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