Seven Amazing Uses for Hazel



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Hello i'm new to this forum and have joined off the back of a problem with my Mac Laptop. I must say i've had her for 2 years and had no problems however my files have mountained up inside and I did not do a clean up until it was too late. Unfortunately I left it until there was only 2 GB left of memory out of a total 111 GB. The result is that my microsoft applications have become unstable - unable to use word as the file opens and then cuts out leaving the error message to send or not, and excel says 'not enough memory'.

So my helpful wife downloaded a trial version of Hazel and on one level its done miracles by creating 49 GB of space. However for the last 12 hours Hazel's running log has been logging the following about every 10 seconds:

2010-08-13 17:05:08.974 hazelfolderwatch[3614] File Disk Inventory X 1.0.dmg is busy. Skipping for now.

Does anyone know how to safely go beyond this. Its clear to me that I should be using Hazel ongoing however at the moment I can't even get to fixing the current problem. So if anyone can help I would be very grateful.

Many thanks in advance.




Some great use cases. I've been a registered user of Hazel for quite a while, but never did really used it to its full potential. I'm feeling inspired to dust it off and start using it again.One small correction - "Hazel can watch your Desktop for new PNG files whose names begin with Picture" - I think you mean files whose names begin with "Screen shot".

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