Store iMovie Events & Projects on an External Drive



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In iMovie 9 cannot drag events or projects to hard drive icon. Have erased external hard drive and formatted to Mac OS Extended. Icon appears but does not highlight when data is dragged to it.



These instructions did not work for me. When I changed the 'Project' file in the 'Package' associated with a named project such that the associated 'iMovie Event 1' changes to 'iMovie Event', on restart of iMovie the named project is no longer listed on the external drives list of projects. If I change it back to 'iMovie Event 1', then the project appears in the external drives project list again in iMovie. What is the error?



Great article!

I want to have some students of mine do video projects using the Macs on campus this summer. Unfortunately, once students log out, everything they've saved to the computer disappears.

I've tried hooking up a couple of USB flash drives to my Mac Laptop, but they don't show up in the project library window. However, my 320 GB external drive will. I can get the flash drives to show up in the Events library, but I get an "!" mark showing on the drives and I can't seem to drag anything to them.

I can't afford to buy external HDs for each group of students, so does anyone know if there's anyway to force iMovie to use/recognize USB flash drives in the project window as well as the Events library??


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