Top 6 Mavericks Annoyances and How To Fix Them



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One of the biggest annoyances I have is automatic app switching. Let's say I am working in app 1 and I open app 2, and immediately return to app 1 to continue working while app 2 opens. I do not want the app 2 to keep switching me to it, I want to continue in app 1 until app 2 opens in the background and is ready to be used.

I really hate that behavior.


Govinda Dasu

Hey so for me (i updated from lion to mavericks) the "add space" option showed up on the TOP LEFT, not TOP RIGHT. Hope that helps.



Here's another one:
I recently upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks. My Mac has a second monitor attached. The primary display (the Macbook screen) has a fixed wallpaper and the secondary display (the attached monitor) has a rotative wallpaper that changes every minute.

My problem is, when I lock my computer, and then wakes up when I move my mouse, the primary display shows the login screen but you can see the (dimmed) wallpaper on the secondary display which is very annoying for me.

How can I prevent from displaying the wallpaper on the secondary display?




Running Mavericks 10.9.1 and when I use Get Info for various applications, I don't see any Prevent App Nap box. What am I missing?



How exactly does Dashboard "waste precious screen real estate"? It doesn't appear unless you press a key to make it appear, and even then it is either in it's own space or hovering above everything else.
That is a very odd statement to make.


Karl Goldstraw

If you re-read the article i think you'll find it says 'wastes KEYBOARD real estate'. There's a dedicated key for it that could be used for something else.

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