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Michel Goldberg

Hi, everybody : more or less happy users of iTunes Match,

I am a french jazz musician.
For this reason it cannot match with iTunes catalog of course and I had (another) problem with iTunes Match.
The problem is not here of course !

In fact, I had to let the tunes be transfered by ITM. Till this moment everything went fine.

But - and that for only one of the tunes the behaviour of ITM is unsupportable : it skips the song when I want to read it.
But strangely it works in streaming !

I must precise that the song has been uploaded to ITM and is readable and re-downlabled from my Mac.

To be able to listen to my own record on my iPhone, I must stream it (mainly the concerned tune) and then, the offline streaming files (or whatever their names are created and I can listen to it even offline (tried plane mode). It not the problem of my record (of course) but the apparent new glitch of ITM.

I am sure that if I can read the tune offline (airplaine mode) : it means that it is somwhere inside the iPhone. But the download cloud icon is still here BUT if I click on this "cloud icon" the song is downloaded be becomes non readable again (it skips the tune !). I tried the maximum including restore the iPhone, erase all the music with the control panel General/"use" (utilisation en français).
I must add that the same problem occurs with my iPad (and so may be related the the way the servers 'transforms the file to make it readable on iDevices).

By the way, I have tried to "RE" upload the file : perhaps an error during the upload process (I had so many problems with ITM that I think I know how to do this) but iTM seem to keep a copy of the file originally uploaded because when I put the song back on my Mac and ask for a ITM update, the new files (of my record are not uploaded but matched : so the are still there a couple of hours after having them removed from Apple's server)
How long does it take to Apple to erase a File from a server ?
Must ì wait longer (a whole day ?).
Forgive my clumsy english : as I said, ì am french.
Thank you

Unbelievable behaviour don't you think ?



iFunia's official blog has one trick for getting iTunes Match to recognize older tracks.



Where's the guide to fixing all of the bugs that render iTunes Match almost unusable?



Andy - I'm not challenging your discovery of bugs, I'm just curious what bugs those are. Aside from the 6 songs that downloaded as m4a instead of AAC, I haven't had any major problems with iTunes Match at all (in a library of nearly 20,000 songs). However, I've only used it on my Macs, I haven't tried using it on my iTouch - perhaps the bugs are on iOS devices? I'd really like to hear what the bugs are so I'm prepared, or so I continue to not use Match on my Touch.



The biggest bug I've found, and one which hasn't gotten a lot of press, is that any nested Smart Playlist (that is, a Smart Playlist that uses another Smart Playlist as one of its criteria) won't sync to iTunes Match. What that means, for me at least, is that a good ⅔ of my playlists aren't being synced properly.

Another bug is that album art rarely shows up properly in portrait view. Once I turn my phone to landscape mode, it will show the album cover, which will still be there when I turn it back to portrait, but it will hardly ever show covers without doing that. Even for albums that I've already downloaded the art for. I can see the mini art next to the list of songs, but it won't show without the horizontal prompt.

Combine those bugs with a marked slowdown in responsiveness across the board when playing music with iTunes Match enabled on an iPhone and I'd say Apple has a bit of work to do in making sure the next iOS version is more smoothly integrated.



You're right, pretty much all of my bugs have been in trying to use it with my iPhone. The primary bugs I've seen are...

1) Skipping songs. I will cue up a playlist, and it will go from track 1 to 4 to 5 to 9 to 12, etc.

2) Saying it's playing one song, but it's playing another. So I'll click on a Rolling Stones song, and it will start playing a Wu Tang song. But it's not like it skips to a Wu Tang song; the whole time it's telling me that it's playing the Rolling Stones.

3) Songs just stop playing altogether. Even after it says I've fully downloaded the playlist, it will play a few songs and then just stop. I try to go back to the songs it played a minute ago, and it won't play those anymore either. I usually have to quit out and restart the music app.

4) When I turn "off" iTunes Match on my phone, it erases all the songs I have via iTunes Match, but it doesn't erase all of my iTunes Match playlists. So I end up with hundreds of playlists on my phone, and only a few that actually have songs on them. And yeah, you can only erase playlists one at a time.

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