Using rsync to Keep Your Files in Sync



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It seems as though rsync does not properly copy Mac OS X aliases - now I have a bunch of text files which contain alias info (paths to the file they are an alias of) but do not actually work.

Does any version of rsync deal with Mac OS X aliases correctly?

- jb



Thank you for this very useful tip. It will come very handy at work.
I can't install any application to the computer at work, so this commands is the best solution for me.

Thanks tons



and what the difference does it make from cp?
is there any command or keys that would define later version of same files (same name and kind) in two different locations and update earlier one with the lastest?



cp copies the whole folder without comparing
rsync compares the files between the Source folder and the Destination folder and either updates or adds the files to the Destination folder.

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