Weighing in on the Apple Cinema Display



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Get an I-INC 28" monitor for half the price (or 2). They are sharp, free of defects and have all the inputs you need! Is very bright as well (have to keep mine turned down). Great for all applications even photography with Spyder3 Pro use which incidentally can't be used with all the well known, high priced brands either! Order from Tiger Direct or equal.



If size is the only thing that matters (I'm a programmer, not a designer) I"m using a Hanns G 28" monitor. Priced around $300 new.



It's not bad... But the questioner does have a good point about the glossy display... one has to be very careful about the placement... I have a 27" iMac and fortunately, I do not have to have any direct blight light on it...

In my view, and in the same price bracket, there are some better displays... Eizo FlexScan SX2762W anyone?



I'm tired of hearing this: Apple's new Cinema Display is sooo expensive. This is the same price as the gargantuan 27" desk-monster they've been selling for a year. Added all the interconnectivity for all you whiney Apple fan bois. Same incredible IPS LED display technology.

OK, yes, it's still got all the ports on the back (!?), but go out and price an IPS display of this size and quality – you'll be hard-pressed to find one for under $1200. The Apple 27" Cinema Display may not be a steal, or for everyone, but it's NOT overly expensive.



Hey Johnny, as I'm sure you saw in the text:


If you’re really serious about a 27-inch screen, the Cinema Display is worth the money. IPS monitors get really expensive when they’re larger than 24 inches, so if size matters, the Cinema Display is one of the best options on the market right now. 

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