Working with Stationery in Mail



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its a good post and very informative. It help a lot creating a nice stationary mail. Love it. Thanks for sharing it.

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a stationery template, you can click the Photo Browser in the toolbar and start dragging images from iPhoto to the placeholders in the template.
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I love this Leopard feature ... and I love the additional stationery, that are available. Check out or for more info.



I like this feature a lot, but one thing confuses me. In order to use Favorites, you have to HAVE favorites. Are those templates that have been dragged over from the other existing categories or are they brought in from outside? And, if they are or can be added from another source, where can these be found? The reason I ask is because as nice as the existing templates are, they don't always fit the bill for my needs. I was hoping there was another source that I could add them from. And, as I think about that, if I could corral them from somewhere else, I'm not sure I would know how to add them to the Favorites list.



...but you meant stationery NOT stationary. The one with the "e" is a noun that refers to certain types of imprinted paper products, or (nowadays) to the digitally stored designs that go on them. The one with the "a" is an adjective that describes things that are fixed or unmovable.


jblocher correcting your headline in the few hours since I posted the above. Your headline originally had "Stationary" when I opened it this afternoon, although the article mostly correctly said, "stationery." Now I see your headline has been corrected, making my comment above irrelevant. *Sigh*



Stationary mail is great... But would be even better if you could include personal templates made in Pages. The biggest drawback is that if you type a long text and apply to a stationary template, you cannot go back to a plain looking mail if none of the templates looks right for you...

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