Yes, it's all done with mirrors!


It happens at every Mac Expo: Someone decides he wants to shoot video footage using his MacBook's built-in iSight camera. You see this individual walking around with an open 'Book facing the crowd as he twists in contortions that would make Plastic Man jealous in his attempts to check out exactly what he's filming. Next time you see that person, tell him to go get a Huckleberry.


The Huckleberry is a tiny rearview mirror made in two versions for the MacBook and MacBook Pro - an important distinction since the cases have different thicknesses. The miniature mirror slips onto the 'Book’s lid, over the iSight, so you’re ready for action. The mirror is angled so as not to obscure the top of your 'Book’s screen.


Of course, it does take some getting used to. The mirror causes the images you're filming to appear reversed on your screen. To solve this, Huckleberry comes with a license for Ecamm Network's iGlasses ( After you download iGlasses, the app can flip the recorded image so it's correctly oriented, and it also has some extremely helpful settings (brightness, sharpness, white balance, and more) so you can get better-looking images from your iSight.


The bottom line. The Huckleberry makes the 'Book's iSight practical to use for video recording. You'll still look a little silly walking around with your 'Book, but at least you'll have better control over the camera view.


COMPANY: Mungai Mirrors
PRICE: $19.99
REQUIREMENTS: MacBook or MacBook Pro
Affordable. Bundled with excellent iGlasses utility.
You can't use the same Huckleberry on different ’Book models.





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