This little stick can do a lot for the color of your display.


You view a lot of images on your Mac-wouldn't it be nice if the colors on your display were consistent? Pantone's huey (its name is derived from the word hue) gives you an affordable way to get consistent color on your display in five minutes.


Have you ever sat at your Mac, looked at some photos, and thought that blues didn't really look blue, or that the people in the photos looked sunburned? It might not be the photos' fault-it could just be that you need to calibrate your display. And for best results, you need a calibrator like huey.


The huey system has two components: a four-inch colorimeter and the huey software. First, you attach the colorimeter via USB and place it in its stand between you and your display. Then you run the software, which has a simple, elegant interface that would bring a smile to UI guru Kai Krause's face. The software asks you what kind of display you have (LCD or CRT) and then takes light measurements in your room using the colorimeter.


Next, you attach the colorimeter to the display. The colorimeter's eight small suction cups held onto our test CRTs and the glossy LCD screen of our NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2 ( Jun/06, p54), but we had problems getting the colorimeter to stick on the matte-like screens found on most LCDs. The colorimeter then adjusts your display and lets you flip between your display's previous state and its new, calibrated state. You then select from one of nine profiles based on the kind of stuff you do on your Mac (gaming, graphic design, and so on). During this final step, you can set huey to automatically adjust your display based on room lighting-the colorimeter measures the light in your room at time intervals you specify.


Our initial impression after using huey was that our display looked a bit washed out, but upon closer inspection, we noticed that photos of people had more-realistic flesh tones, colors looked truer, and shadows had more detail. However, imaging pros may find huey overly simplistic. It doesn't have any tools for calibrating your printer to match your display, and the nine profiles are somewhat generic-you may not be able to find one that exactly fits your needs.


The bottom line. Pantone's huey is an inexpensive way to make sure your blues, reds, greens, oranges, yellows, and chartreuses stay true.


Pantone's huey software cuts out the hooey.


COMPANY: Pantone
CONTACT: 201-935-5500,
PRICE: $89
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.1.3 or later
Easy to use. Affordable color calibration.
Needs a real manual. Doesn't calibrate color between display and printer.





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