Hulu Ready for Prime Time, Tune-up for MacBook Air and Twitter Rules SXSWi.

Hulu Ready for Prime Time, Tune-up for MacBook Air and Twitter Rules SXSWi.


Ready for prime time: prepares to go live with the largest catalog of legal, free TV content online for web users. None of it, iPod friendly. Finally, you can watch "The Office" at the office, and complete the circle of life.


Tune-up for MacBook Air: Apple has released MacBook Air SMC Update 1.0.


It’s official, Twitter rules South by Southwest Interactive: Twitter is the must have technology for geeks to stay informed at SXSWi.


Apple driving down cost of NAND flash: Apple hasn’t placed 2008 orders for NAND flash. The drop in NAND flash memory makes them a great Easter Basket item.


If you can’t find it, did you ever have it?: Newsweek technology writer Steve Levy, may have accidentally tossed a loaner MacBook Air, that’s his story. The moral of the story, never lend your stuff to Steve Levy.


We can't work it out: The premature news of a Beatles, iTunes deal, has been squelched by Apple's insistence that no deal has been made. Koo koo ka choo.


Lost in translation: Korean electronics manufacture LG announces the release of its own touch screen phone, the name may not be a promising start.



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Thank, you.



Steve Levy = Airhead.

I can't believe someone could lose track of a laptop like that.



Hillarious podcast, on this episode Joe describes losing his brand new macbook air, you must listen, very funny....

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