Hybrid Rocking with GH3

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Hybrid Rocking with GH3

Are you ready to eventually rock?


Game developer Aspyr announced today that the Mac version of Guitar Hero III will rock into stores on a hybrid PC/Mac disc. The disc will eventually replace the PC-only disc that is available now for PC gamers.


Hybrid discs are always a nice bonus because it gives you the option of playing at home on your Mac or if you happen to use a PC at work, playing there on your breaks. Expect a call from HR when your rousing rendition of the Metallica classic "One" doesn't go over well with your cubicle mates.


The game is expected to be priced $79.99, will be bundled with a wired guitar controller and will be available "later this year."




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I can't decide whether to buy GH3 for my Mac or my Wii. It would be great if the wireless Wii controller worked with the Mac version, since the Wiimote is a Bluetooth device.


John Hummel

I'd get the Wii version - I had problems with the PS3 version, but the Wii version works perfectly.


Roberto Baldwin

Well the Wii remote does work with the mac. Once the Mac version arrives I'll grab the Wii-Mote and give it a try.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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