I accidentally deleted my fonts during troubleshooting. Can you help me?

I accidentally deleted my fonts during troubleshooting. Can you help me?

It’s wise to back up things like Fonts folders before you start messing around with their contents. Getting your fonts back can cost you some time and file shuffling if you do it the free way: Perform an Archive And Install of Mac OS X and harvest the new system’s fonts from your previous system, or simply start over with a clean OS X system (which always makes us feel springtime fresh).


If you’d rather throw some money at the problem, get Pacifist ($20) and use it to extract items from your Mac OS X Install Disc. Install Pacifist and mount your latest Mac OS X Install Disc. Launch Pacifist, select Open Package, and navigate to Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/Essentials.pkg. In the resulting window, dig down to Essentials.pkg/Library and select the Fonts folder. Click the Install button and provide an administrator password to install the fonts in your Mac’s /System/Library/Fonts folder. If you’re too nervous to install the fonts directly, press Extract To and deposit the Fonts folder on your Desktop or elsewhere. Font Book shouldn’t have let you delete your system fonts (Courier, Geneva, Monaco, Times, and such—your Mac won’t run without them), but if you need to replace some or all of them, use Pacifist to extract them from the System/Library/Fonts folder of the BaseSystem.pkg on your Install Disc.


If your installer came on multiple CDs rather than one DVD, select Open Apple Install Packages instead of Open Packages.




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