I know what FTP is, but what is Secure FTP?

I know what FTP is, but what is Secure FTP?

Don't you wish finding your car keys was as easy as finding a server's RSA key?


FTP is still an excellent way to move files from your Mac to a remote server or vice versa, and you can add an s to route your FTP session through a SSH-style secure shell. SFTP works similarly to FTP, using the following syntax: sftp nikbot@www.macaddict.com: /path/to/remotefile.zip /pathto/local/file.zip.


This downloads a file (remotefile.zip) from the server (macaddict.com) and saves that file according to the file path and file name you use in place of our example. Since you're creating the file on your local Mac, you can name it whatever you like; and this is secure FTP, so naturally you'll be prompted for a password. As always, learn more about this handy tool by typing man ssh in a Terminal window and pressing Return.




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This is not a comment sorry its just i press "Click here" to e-mail "us" (ask the experts) and it doesn't show the e-mail on my gmail. so heres my question:

I'm going to buy my first apple ever and I'm planning to install windows for the mac book pro so I can play PC games such as "Supreme Commander" actually thats the only game i really want and thats the only reason i want windows on my mac and well I'm wondering if thats possible? if it is will it run as if it were on a PC? thanx apple friends.

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