I miss the Apple Menu from OS 9 - how do I get it back in OS X?

I miss the Apple Menu from OS 9 - how do I get it back in OS X?

Mac OS X brought drastic revisions to the Apple menu, and some of us have never gotten used to the change - or wanted to.


To restore the Apple menu you knew and loved, try Unsanity's FruitMenu ($10). This sweet little haxie (a utility that lets you tweak interfaces and functionality in OS X) gives you full control over the application, folder, and system shortcuts that appear in the Apple menu.


FruitMenu adds a new System Preferences pane. Select it, click the Apple Menu tab, and drag the shortcuts you want to add from the list on the right to the list on he left. To go back to the sparer (but less useful) default Apple menu, select the FruitMenu tab and uncheck the boxes to deactivate it.


With Unsanity's FruitMenu, those who can remember the past are invited to repeat it.




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I use Classic Menu from Sig Software (http://www.sigsoftware.com/classicmenu) -- also $10. I've used it for two years with never a problem.

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